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Meet Renee

Biochemist and Certified Health Coach

I knew from a very young age that the world of chemistry fascinated me.  I loved mixing solutions and observing what happened.  Later on,  I began learning about atoms and how atoms combined to form molecules.  How these these atoms were connected determined how they behaved in nature. It was at this time that I knew chemistry was going to be a defining factor in my life.  Eventually, I would find my true passion of studying the biochemistry of the human body. The body maintains life through an amazing and complicated sequence of biochemical reactions.  What we experience as good health is how well those reactions work together in harmony. 


I was not always planning on becoming a health coach.  I became much more interested in understanding what was happening in my own body after I had turned 45 and began to notice that my weight was creeping up and I was experiencing sinus congestion even when I was not fighting an infection.  I was curious and a little irritated as I felt my body was betraying me somehow.  I had maintained a lifestyle for many years that I considered ‘healthy” and now my body was changing the rules on me.  I began to alter my exercise routine, made diet modifications, and added supplements. Over time, I began to lose weight, my sinuses were much clearer and even my energy level and mental clarity improved throughout the day. 

This initial success led me to learn more about the role of inflammation in the development of chronic disease.  I had many friends and family members who were struggling with debilitating diseases such as fibromyalgia, Chron’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer.  I wanted to help them feel better and knew that the information I was learning to resolve my minor complaints would also apply to their much more serious situations.  With additional investigation, I began to understand that the body is designed to heal, and these ailments were the body’s way of communicating that it needed help.  I began to view these symptoms as clues to what chemical processes were being impaired in the body.  The important thing is to obtain the appropriate laboratory data to identify the biochemical dysregulation that is producing the symptoms individuals want to resolve.

In my practice, I spend time getting to know my clients and then determine what information is still needed to help identify what is going on biochemically in their bodies. I can work with physicians along with clients to take the steps to alleviate what is causing their pain.  Through lifestyle changes, emotional awareness, balancing the microbiome, restoring digestive function and addressing nutritional deficiencies, my clients are able to alter their trajectory from slow physical decline to one of repair, regeneration, and healing. I am passionate about finding better answers that bring true understanding.  This combination brings hope which is essential in all healing. 

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