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My Specialities

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  ~Steve Jobs

Chronic Inflammation

The immune system uses a very intricate system of molecules that communicate throughout the body and signal when there is a problem that needs attention such as an infection or a stress response.  When the immune system is repeatedly triggered by poor diet, sleep habits, and continuous stressors, the body develops a condition of chronic inflammation.   If allowed to continue, this heightened level of activity will cause confusion similar to an overloaded electrical circuit and the body begins to make decisions that cause harmful side effects.  With chronic inflammation, the body's inflammatory switched has been turned on, and it has "forgotten" how to turn it off. By investigating and identifying the root causes the client and I strategize ways that trigger the immune system, I can help make suggestions to help turn down the immune response and help the client return to the rest and repair state to restore balance in the body.

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Immune Dysfunction 

Autoimmune and auto-inflammatory conditions are always associated with chronic inflammation.  This situation is more complicated as now the body is attacking itself because it no longer can properly identify a dangerous infectious pathogen from self.  These conditions can still be reversed but require more investigation than just reducing inflammation.  The body can and will still respond very quickly when stressors in the client’s lifestyle are identified and eliminated or minimized.  As the client learns about ways and develops skills to turn off the inflammatory cycle the army of immune cells that patrol the body will reset and will relearn how to properly identify the true enemy.  This process is not only beneficial with an autoimmune and auto-inflammatory disease but also conditions of asthma and seasonal allergies.

Digestive Distress 

Just as with other chronic conditions, digestive stress has many contributing factors.  In my experience, there is, always a component of emotional distress that can be difficult to identify.  For many of my clients, identifying this root cause is challenging because many of them do not associate their digestive issues with how they process the events and interactions in their lives and what they may have experienced early in their childhood.  We have to put on our detector hat and dig deep into understanding what the body is trying to communicate through the symptoms the client is experiencing.   The gut-brain connection is a topic in health care that has received much attention in recent years.  The emotion center in the brain is where cortisol is regulated. Cortisol has a very powerful effect upon the bacterial balance in the intestine which in turn affects gut permeability.  Increased or poorly controlled gut permeability is another way to describe leaky gut.  I help clients restore gut balance and proper and controlled gut permeability.

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Hormonal Imbalance 

We are all generally familiar with the many systems that compose the human body:  from the digestive system, cardiovascular and circulatory systems, to immune, metabolic, adrenal, and reproductive systems.  All of these systems must work in harmony in order for human beings to maintain a healthy and vibrant life.  This beautifully designed machine that we call the human body is miraculous. Just as a good conductor can draw and balance the various instruments in the symphony to create amazing music with its melodies and harmonies, the body also has the ability to create this type of synergy.  When all these systems are communicating effectively and have sufficient resources, we as human beings can achieve goals and levels of vitality that we did not know were possible.  Synergy like this is achieved through hormone balance. This desirable condition may be described as hormone balance. Hormone imbalance the body's way to communicate that it needs attention and that the person needs to make adjustments in lifestyle and nutrition. I use these symptoms and my understanding of biochemical processes in the body to help clients identify the underlying causes for their distress and together we come up with a workable strategy to restore this balance.

Emotional Wellbeing

Developing an emotional state of well-being is critical to any approach in achieving whole health.  With each client, the components of emotional health are weaved through the nutritional and biochemical discussions during our sessions.  Discussions of autonomy, awareness, acceptance, healthy emotional expression, and attachment are essential in helping the body restore balance and rejuvenate.  I look forward to exploring these issues with you as a future client.  Schedule your free 45-minute initial consult today.

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