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CHAOS to Calm Retreats
presented by your
Nourishing Roots Team's

Retreats designed exclusively for people
like you, who are ready to take action
to create healthier minds, bodies, and relationships.

Who Are We

What Participants Are Saying

This conference was very good at helping me go deeper into where the chaos was coming from. It helped me break down the emotion behind the thoughts I have,

and still love myself.

The CHAOS to Calm retreat filled a bucket in my soul I didn't realize was empty. We laughed, cried, danced, came together in yoga, ate delicious nourishing food, and were able to be raw and vulnerable with one another in a safe place. Such a soulful retreat!

These 4 women created a safe, authentic space for women to learn more about forgiveness and self -care,. Presented with a perfect mix of great information and insight with humor and fun.

Each Retreat Has Explored

Our Relationship with Ourselves

In these sessions, led by Meredith, we explored why we are so hard on ourselves, and what to do when we feel stuck. We learned how to be emotionally resilient and why it's so important. And we discovered that it is safe to be a more successful version of yourself.

Our Relationship with Our Body

In these sessions, led by Renee, we learned how our stress and emotions affect the biochemical reactions in our bodies. We learned specific tools for healthy eating habits, nutritional supplementation, and other lifestyle choices, and how they can improve energy production, vitality, and longevity. 

Our Relationships with Others

In these sessions, led by Leslie, we discovered ways we may be creating or amplifying the chaos in our relationships with others. We examined real-life examples of the concepts. We were shown the power to transform the dynamics of our interactions and learn tools to increase calm in our relationships.

Relationship with Higher Power

In these sessions, led by Juli, we had opportunities to participate in unique guided meditation experiences. These were beautiful times to reflect on what we resonated with at the retreats. We discussed principles and practices that support breath, relaxation, and stillness.  At the end of our sessions, we closed with an opportunities for participants to share what they felt inspired to try differently.

Our team strives to create a safe community, and we aim to do it with equal parts compassion, humor, wisdom, and authenticity.

Learn more about each of us here.

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In 2023 We Focused on the Theme: RELEASE

In January, Release Expectations.

In April, Release Self-doubt.

In November, Release Conflict.

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