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Is your fatigue really due to low thyroid?

Many times when individuals, especially women, go to their physican complaining of

chronic fatigue they are prescribed synthroid or armor thyroid. Sometimes that is

all that is needed to correct the issue. When symptoms do not resolve with thyroid

medication, what can we do next? When I see these cases in my office, I often find

that the thyroid panel from their lab results is normal. When thyroid medication is

added where thyroid function is normal, the fatigue can worsen or other

complicating symptoms of nausea, headaches and difficulty concentrating or

sleeping can appear or get worse.

What may be causing the fatigue is not the thyroid or even the sex hormones but is

instead an issue with adrenal dysfuntion. The adrenal hormones (cortisol,

norepinephrine and epinephrine are some), thyroid and sex hormones are from

separate systems but they influence one another. We refer to this connection as the

HPA axis, which stands for hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis. The HPA-axis is

responsible for regulating all homeostatic function from metabolism to heart rate to

even brain function. The foundation of the HPA axis is the adrenal system. The

adrenal function in our bodies has the responsibility of helping us manage stress. If

we do not have good stress management skills in our life, the adrenal system will

take the hit and eventually cause dysfunction in many other systems.

If you are struggling with fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, or even food sensitivities, an

adrenal imbalance is most likely involved. There are very good assessments that

can help illuminate dysfunction in the adrenal system. Contact me today to schedule

a free consult so you can learn more about what you can do to restore balance and

vitality in your life.

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