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My Rocky Relationship with Technology

I used to have a love-hate relationship with technology; I needed it to grow my business and it gave me access to seemingly infinite possibilities. But I believed I had a force-field around me that caused programs to crash and code to malfunction. I would hit "download" 12 times and not know where to find the file. Saved files were lost in cyberspace. I was forever needing passwords that I couldn't remember

. I created "links", but they went nowhere. I wrote scheduled emails that wouldn't send when they were supposed to. So much time was spent creating a single social media post and then it would disappear. I unknowingly created 3 different accounts on the same platform... and then wondered why I couldn't find my saved work.

When I started my Life Coaching business, I had to use technology to promote my business, find clients and communicate with them. My eyes ached, tears fell, and my head pounded as I tried to understand how online calendars, email lists, social media and marketing programs worked. And then I tried a different approach. I slowed down my brain. Instead of clicking furiously around a page, I paid attention to where each "button" took me. I sought help from those who had more understanding than I did; aka, other coaches and my husband. I watched how-to videos on YouTube. I paid attention to what I named files and where I saved them (yeah, I didn't even know how to do that). I recorded passwords in a locked document. But mostly, I stopped telling myself "I can't do this". I started telling myself, "I'm smart enough to figure this out." When I slowed down, my understanding sped up. When I started feeling frantic, I noticed it and instead of reacting to it, I learned from it. Slowly, I built my ability to work with technology instead of believing it was working against me. But it took months, YEARS, of not giving up. I still have a lot to learn, and I will, with time. But there's no rush, because slowing down serves me better.

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With Love and Calm for your technological endeavors,


P.S. This song really helps me slow down when my brain is in hyper-drive.

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