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Yes, You Can

Yes You Can

Sometimes the Universe sends you a literal sign. This sign greeted me as I walked into my local dollar store a few years ago. I knew it had to come home with me, because sometimes ...

I just need reminding.

Maybe, sometimes, you do too. So today, you can let this be your sign.

Yes, you can…

Do the hard thing

Trust your gut

Take the next step


Yes, you can…

Take a break

Have a good cry

Be patient


Yes, you can…

Change your mind

Eat the food

Use your voice


Yes, you can…

Figure it out

Accept help

Make a difference


Yes, you can…

Embrace joy

Tolerate discomfort

Try new things


Yes, you can…

Endure heartbreak

Begin again

Create boundaries


Yes, you can…

Belly laugh

Say ‘no’

Be generous


Yes, you can…

Think differently

Delight in surprise

Remain curious


Yes, you can…

Release expectations

Welcome variety

Live intentionally


Yes, you can…

Reconcile with reality

Allow for humanity

Practice authenticity


Yes, you can. And, when that feels too hard to believe, you can lean on my belief in you. I know you can. You are strong, capable and needed. You've got this.

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